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Fax: (012) 328-4540


The Foundation Phase of Prinshof School accommodates learners from Gr. R - 3.

There are two sections - one for partially sighted learners and one for blind (Braille learners)


CAPS has been officially implemented in the Intermediate Phase since 2013 and the teaching staff present the Grade 4 - 6 curriculum with enthusiasm and skill.  Teachers dedicate themselves to helping our learners attain the pass requirements by presenting extra classes in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics on a weekly basis.



Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future

- John F Kennedy

The section for specialized education consist of the Loeries (SID: Severely Intellectually Disabled Learners) and the Special Classes (MID: Mildly Intellectual Disabled Learners). Both sections accommodate blind and partially sighted learners. The Loeries consists of three classes. Two Junior classes, (primary school age) and the Vocational section. The learners receive education in Braille and Partially sighted, both Afrikaans and English.

The Junior SID classes follow a perceptional stimulating program which entails basic hygiene, public behaviour and functional scholastic skills. The learners within the vocational phase are prepared for basic adult life skills and sheltered labour.  

The Special Classes consist of learners from grade 1 to 9 special education. Braille and partially sighted learners form part of this section. They are educated in all school subjects. Basic computer literacy and handwork skills are key initiatives within their learning program. These skills enhance motor skills development.

Senior special classes can obtain a grade 9 Special Education certificate that can enable them to enroll into a FET college. The occupational therapists also prepare learners for a formal work situation and possible occupational possibilities by taking them to retailers where they are introduced to basic work ethics and skills.


There was a huge increase in learner numbers.  143 learners were enrolled - the most learners ever in the Secondary Section.


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