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Fax: (012) 328-4540


The Foundation Phase of Prinshof School accommodates learners from Gr. R - 3.

There are two sections - one for partially sighted learners and one for blind (Braille learners).

Partially sighted

The partially sighted learners have limited eye sight. There are close circuit television systems in the classrooms and no blackboards. Work is read from a television screen which the teacher shows from a camera. Every two learners sit by a screen.

Adaptions are made with learning materials such as text books that are enlarged. Teachers must also create own learning material.

The Braille section

The blind learners write on braille machines. They learn contractions to help them read and write faster. The braille machine and braille paper are very expensive. The learners follow the same CAPS curriculum and do the same work than any other school. Most of the learners are in the hostel and day scholars come to school by taxi.

Most of the books, worksheets and textbooks are adapted in braille by the educators.

Foundation Phase

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