Auxiliary Services

  • Conducting individual/group therapy
  • Running an Early Childhood Intervention program
  • Guiding classroom adaptations
  • Assistance with independence in basic activities of daily living
  • Guiding learners through a pre-vocational program and school-to-work transition program
  • White cane training
  • Orientation around school premises
  • Training and assistance with independence in basic activities of daily living
  • Providing healthcare to learners with acute and chronic health problems
  • Conducting screenings and writing referrals to health care providers
  • Developing and monitoring health plans for students
  • Promoting the general well-being of learners
  • Working with outside agencies to provide support to families
  • Offering mentoring and suggestions to educators regarding learner needs
  • Developing and providing crisis intervention strategies to improve learner success
  • Working to maximize coping skills for learners in difficult situations
  • A collection of various assistive technology / devices is available to assist learners with their
    educational needs. Allocation of devices is based on individual need and skill. Training on
    the use and care of the device is provided.
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